Mission Statement – The Common Way


Our Foundation

Innovation through tradition!

We preserve the good and we are open for the new.

We are a learning organization.

We respond to internal and external requirements and developments in a dynamic and flexible manner.

We are constantly seeking the better by focusing on a continuous refinement of the tried and true.

We believe in our skills, strength and creativity. By means of such qualities we will shape DGW’s future because - as we know it - only the willingness to change will keep us competitive in the future.

We appreciate our safe jobs and we contribute to the company’s success by a remuneration system state-of-the-art.

We face the demographic change through developing age-appropriate work structures.

We are committed to work safety at a high level, active health promotion and sustainable environmental protection.

Our technical and economical competence also includes the responsibility to work for our Stakeholders benefit.

We provide our customers an attractive range of services because to us customer satisfaction is a quality benchmark. Fulfillment of our costumer’s requirements has top priority. We do have the potential to enhance our product range at any time.

We deal openly with authorities, neighbors and business partners.

We adhere to legal regulations without compromises – wherever possible we accomplish even more.

Our Values

Openness  Respect  Confidence  Esteem  Satisfaction

We live our values and that is what makes us successful: Today and tomorrow!

To us respect and esteem base on individuality as well as the individual performances.

We act on a fair and reliable basis, communicate openly with each other and respect each other.

Our decisions are characterized by integrity, honesty and only allow actions and business relations that are in line with our values.

We carry conflicts out in a way that leads to solutions and keeps up a trustful atmosphere.

Our team organization develops and challenges.

We provide room where we assume responsibility and grow along with our tasks. This encourages us to explore innovative avenues.

The frame of our organization is characterized by our team structures, defined scope for decision-making and objectives agreed on, in which our management acts as special role model.

We provide constructive feedback on each other to further develop personally.

Our Vision

With team spirit and energy to big success!

We want to become the best Carbon Black plant!

We are the preferred partner to our customers and associates and we inspire by outstanding products and services.

We live our values so that all of us do our jobs with great efforts and pleasure.

A culture of mutual esteem and trust retrieves potential in all of us. Everybody is welcome to participate!

We are a leader regarding our staff-satisfaction-rate.

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